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Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum)

The tomato is an annual plant originally from Peru like the potato
Like the potato It is from the solanaceae family



It is grown in the fruiting vegetable bed.


Sow in a cold frame in February and March during a waxing crescent moon.
Transplant when there is no risk of frost.
Putting nettle leaves in the holes during planting gives the plants a 'boost' and acts as a 'green' fertiliser.


Celery and basil can be planted at the base of tomatoes.
It also likes being planted near carrots, onions and cape goosberries.
It doesn't like being planted near potatoes, fennel, beans, kohlrabi and cucumbers.


Mildrew, chancre ( a serious bacterial virus) and tomato leaf mould are the principal maladies.
Aphids, mole crickets and Colorado beetles are its principal parasites.


Remove the side shoots. Stop the plants by removing their growing point in August.
Cherry tomatoes do not have their shoots removed.
The unripe fruits can be harvested before the first frosts and used to make chutney and jam.
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