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Garlic (Allium Sativum)

Garlic, from the liliaceae family, is a perennial vegetable which is cultivated as an annual



It is grown in the root vegetable bed but is also suitable in the leaf vegetable bed.


Planting of the small bulbs is made during a waning crescent moon in October and November for a light soil ( harvesting in summer).
During February and March for a heavy soil (harvesting in autumn).
You can also plant the bulblets located on the top of the stem but cultivation will then take 2 years !


Garlic appreciates strawberries and beets but avoid planting near beans and peas.


Rust ( marks on the leaves) at the first signs treat with a Bordeaux mixture.
The garlic grub is a green caterpillar that attacks the leaves, remove the affected leaves and burn them.
Only by practising the rotation of crops will you have healthy plants.


It can be used at the base of fruit trees, strawberries and roses.
When planting the tip must show on the surface, it is said of garlic:  " to see the gardeners hat".
Use only the bulbs located around the head and keep the others for any immediate consumption.